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How to choose a school before Kindergarten

Image courtesy of Stuart Miles at     When you arrive in Silicon Valley with little kids you can be confused, at first, about schools. It could be very different from Europe. In Italy, for example, kids usually go to daycares from when they are 6 months old to 3 years old, then the…


Hidden Villa, a wonderful farm in Los Altos Hills

Hidden Villa is a real gem in the Silicon Valley. Nested in the beautiful hills of Los Altos is a non profit educational organization founded by Frank and Josephine Duveneck in 1924 ( It has eight mile trails and the most exciting thing is that they offer a wide variety of educational programs for kids.…


Hiking in Palo Alto!!

  Which better place where to find hiking locations or just place to stroll than California and the Bay Area? In Silicon Valley you can find differents places where to go, just a couple miles from home and have a nice moment outdoors with family and friends! Not too far from downtown Palo Alto  …


Conference on the American education system

conference on the American education system, on October 28 at 6pm in Los Altos. The conference will be held by an American teacher actually teaching in Redwood City. It will last for about an hour not counting the eventual questions that might follow.


Conference on education: Warrior or Worrier? – by Po Bronson

Warrior or Worrier? Know Your Child’s Competitive Style Speaker: Po Bronson, journalist and author   I recently went to this conference, one of the many interesting ones that The Common Ground Speaker Series organize in the Peninsula. Another key aspect of education was highlighed: how to deal with competition. Is competition dangerous for our kids?…


Pumpkin patch!!!

Before coming to California, I believed Halloween was just another typically American commercial holiday …. Now after a year here and just a couple of weeks away from my second Halloween I am more engaged then ever in the organization of the upcoming October 31st. It is a real pleasure for me to help my…