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How to choose a school before Kindergarten

Image courtesy of Stuart Miles at     When you arrive in Silicon Valley with little kids you can be confused, at first, about schools. It could be very different from Europe. In Italy, for example, kids usually go to daycares from when they are 6 months old to 3 years old, then the…


The American education system

  For parents, to have their children in a different educational system from the one they know, or they are used to, it is often difficult to manage and a source of stress, especially when kids progress through the school years and the educational challenges increase. To know the system in its general lines and key…


Conference on the American education system

conference on the American education system, on October 28 at 6pm in Los Altos. The conference will be held by an American teacher actually teaching in Redwood City. It will last for about an hour not counting the eventual questions that might follow.