The Computer History Museum in Mountain View

If you have the chance to this Museum, I think it’s really worth it. As an engineer I was fascinated in front of the very first computers or simply listening to the history of the Silicon Valley and birth of the first microprocessors. Also my 9 years old son liked it a lot.

It’s nice to do the guided tour too. We had as a guide a passionate men who lived all these changes so he had many stories to tell.

In the exhibit you can also see the Google car


and a very special machine invented in the 19th century by Babbage. This was the very first automatic computing engine but he failed to build it. It was built much later and completed in 2002 just following his instruction and it worked immediately!



The very first gaming consoles made me remind when I was a child. I used the Coleco Vision so much!!




Nice to see this predecessor of the Apple Watch :)



I was touched by these special books with the original notes of Robert Noyce, one of the major contributors to the realization of the integrated circuits.






If you are hungry you can have lunch inside the Museum. The ticket is valid for an entire day, you can even go outside and come back later. Don’t forget to check the timing of the guided tours that I strongly suggest.