15 minutes from Palo Alto there is a wonderful garden, an estate of the early twentieth century straight out of a Monet painting! Amongst tulips and roses : we are in Filoli.

The name Filoli comes from the first letters of key words in the motto of Mr. William Bowers Burn II’s owner of both Filoli and the largest gold mine in California.
“Fight for a just cause, love your fellow man, live a good life”: FIght, LOve, LIve!

After the terrible San Francisco earthquake in 1906, many wealthy families moved to the Peninsula, and built the beautiful and impressive houses, shrouded from the beautiful local nature, which at the time probably used to be more wild and untouched


Filoli is the only one of these estates that has not changed since it’s construction by its first owner, Mr. and Mrs. Burn, who assigned the construction project to the time’s famous architect, William Polk, while the garden was brought to life by Bruce Porter, managed to reproduce Renaissance garden, the only example in California
The first owners lived in Filoli until 1937 and sold the estate to Mr and Mrs Roth who kept the original design. Mrs. Roth had a passion for gardening and, in fact, she won several awards from the Garden Club of America.
In 1975 the estate was donated to the National Trust for Historic Preservation in order to protect the beauty of the site and transmit its values to future generations ….


The estate and the surrounding park are maintained in all their original prosperity. To discover the gardens and the wonderful house is a real plunge into beauty, scent, peace given by luxuriant nature s
Walking trough the gardens is a perfect way to loose oneself in a world of flowers and plants of various kinds, and enjoing the light fragrance …

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