Since I move to Silicon Valley I’ve felt really lucky because I had the chance to meet lots of creative and full of ideas people. Many of them even completely reinvented themselves, especially women who followed their husbands in their relocation.

We will dedicate some posts to present you some of these persons, and today is the turn of an Italian woman, Maria Luisa Manca, born in Italy, in the beautiful Sicily island. She moved to California more than 10 years ago and started a business here based on her major passion: food.

Italy, as everybody knows, has a long cooking tradition and it’s especially characterized by the variety of its dishes.

Maria Luisa decided to share her cooking skills starting to teach at various locations in Silicon Valley. You can find more informations on her website “My Italian Home Cooking

She recently had another great idea: to organize a culinary tour in the fantastic Sicily from October 4 to October 11, 2014!

It will be a very special tour enjoying the experience to explore the authentic Sicily with a Sicilian host, who will take you to bustling cities as well as small, charming medieval towns.

The itineraries planned will allow you to enjoy a well-chosen and balanced mix of history, culture, and cuisine of Sicily and each day is planned to bring fascinating, diverse new experiences and sights.

Eastern Sicily is home to a vibrant culinary tradition that mixes delicious local products with cooking styles drawn from its many foreign rulers, from the Byzantines to the Arabs, and from the Normans to the Spanish.

You will visit excellent, traditional Sicilian restaurants, and at your meals you will enjoy specialties made from local, fresh, in-season ingredients and local wine pairings.

Sicily’s complex history has left its mark in architecture, culture, and customs, but nowhere it’s more evident than in food.

There will also be 3 cooking classes featuring the best of the local products, taught by local chefs!

For more information about this culinary tours in Sicily, please visit this link: Culinary Tour

I really think this is a great opportunity to enjoy a special region of Italy in a period usually warm and with good weather. I’m Italian and I can assure you that Taormina and the other places touched by the tour are really fascinating. Believe me, this is something you’ll never forget!


Facebook Page: Myitalianhomecooking by Maria Luisa Manca