A place that helps you to live a better pregnancy

Being pregnant not in your country could become a very different experience even if you already have children.

Doctor’s visits, medical examinations, delivery procedure could not follow the same approach you are used to. This sometimes could scary the foreigner mom-to-be.

That’s why I wanted to speak about a place I discovered thanks to the suggestion of my osteopath. Its name is Blossom and it’s in Palo Alto (I just want to highlight that this is a spontaneous post, not sponsored by Blossom).

It’s a small but nice place where you can find lots of classes and workshop to arrive prepared to the due date both physically and mentally.

I found that prenatal Yoga, especially, is fantastic. It’s very useful to maintain a good shape and also it gives you the opportunity to share your feelings with other moms-to-be.

And the nice thing is that there are many activities also for when the baby is born, like infant massage, music, postpartum fitness. Sometimes it’s difficult to leave the baby in the first months to go exercising. Here you can do all the activities together with your newborn. I think I will do many of them. It’s also a way to be in good company and make new friends, especially if you just moved to Silicon Valley.

Give a look at their website and you will find lots of interesting informations!