Silicon Valley: always the heart of innovation!

I almost realize everyday that I’m really lucky to live in an area where innovation is still alive.

It’s full of start-ups here, and this is well known. And even if the rate of success (meaning with success making a lot of money) is not so high, many of them started really promising and interesting projects.

Food and bio-hacking, for example, are two areas of research particularly fascinating and futuristic. Many start-ups in San Francisco are well appreciated in these fields.

By chance, I discovered one of them: Hampton Creek.

I suggest you to watch the video on their website to understand better their work. You will be really surprised by the results they already obtained!

I’m a mom of an allergic-to-egg child, that’s why I felt so enthusiastic when I discovered that they are working on how to completely substitute eggs in food both in terms of flavor and consistency. This would be a very good news for allergic people but in general to everybody who wants to eat in an healthy way without getting rid of a good taste. No egg means no cholesterol at all, for example. And let’s think about all the power consumption behind poultry farm.

Their first product is named Mayo, a sort of mayonnaise with their innovative “plant-based egg”. 

I love when technology helps life to become healthier.