Summer camps for kids in Silicon Valley, it’s time to book!

Summer camps for kids


Summer is still far, even if this year it seems winter has never arrived, but it’s already time to think about summer camps for our kids.

Many Europeans usually go back to their countries during summer (especially Italians can even stay there 2 months), but many parents have to work and don’t have many holidays.

Public schools close for about one month and a half during summer, private schools could have a different schedule (like my son’s school that is all year round open), but anyway children need to rest from academic activities. They need a pause from routine.

In Silicon Valley there are many summer camps offered. It’s even difficult to choose among them.

In a previous post we mentioned Hidden Villa‘s summer camp in Los Altos Hills,

Here you can find summer camps organized by Los Altos. They should soon:

Here you can find the ones offered by Palo Alto:

Here you can find the beautiful summer camps organized by Menlo Swim:

These are very original: Galileo Camps. with the aim of letting kids from pre-K to 8th grade become real innovators

This one is a funny LEGO summer camp for kids of 5-16 years old

There are summer basketball camps in Mountain View

Very nice should be also summer camps organized by YMCA, Palo Alto

Other summer camps are offered by JCC in Palo Alto

This is a special summer camp in Mountain View for 1st-5th graders mainly focused on kids’ positive attitude,

Spartans Sports Camp in Mountain View is for Grades 2-6 and covers several sports, basketball, Lacrosse, Baseball, Football, Soccer, Tennis, Volleyball, Water Polo,

A very nice camp is offered by CMT San Jose’ (Children Musical Theater), a theater training for kids 4+ in Campbell/San Jose’ area,

Soccer summer camps in the area (different locations to choose among) are offered by World Cup Soccer Camps,

Camp Captivate offers very interesting summer camps in San Jose’, with projects and activities on special subject, like Ancient Greeks, Pirates, Mayans and Aztecs, Ancient Rome, Medieval life, California history and geology,

If you have others to suggest don’t hesitate to leave a comment!