Share your cooking! – Condividi la tua arte culinaria!




This month’s theme is: a quick and yummy receipt that we can even use for our kids’ lunch box

WHO is participating? expert and novel chefs with tasty ideas to share (max 8 participants)

Bring your own ingredients and a written receipt. If the preparation is long start at home and finish cooking here so that everyone can show her creation.

WHERE? In Los Altos, at Giulietta’s house

WHEN? On thursday, Sept 26th 2013


CONDIVIDI LA TUA ARTE CULINARIA!!tema del mese: alla scoperta di una ricetta rapida, gustosa e trasformabile in lunch box!chi? cuoche provette o meno con idee gustose (massimo 8 partecipanti ognuna con un’idea-ricetta e gli ingredient per realizzarla)

dove? a Los Altos da Giulietta

quando? giovedi 26 settembre alle 9:30

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